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Lawn-Friendly Ice Melt Tips

Picking up some ice melt product? Remember, your lawn pays the price for ice! 

You're a veteran of Midwestern winters, so chances are, you've already got some ice melt products handy for the extreme temperatures and freezing rain we're experiencing. 

Just remember, the salt always runs off and contacts your lawn, your plants, your concrete, your landscaping--and sodium-chloride salts will kill the edges of your lawn and damage your concrete surfaces.

The key takeaway: make sure your de-melting product's active ingredient is POTASSIUM CHLORIDE. Even better, CALCIUM CHLORIDE. 

Calcium-chloride products are proven to be grass-friendly, pet-friendly, and pavement friendly. 

These products can sometimes cost a little more, but you'll reap the benefits in the long run by preventing damage to your lawn.

Here's an example of an effective calcium-chloride product from Amazon (Click image for Pricing):

Lawn-friendly, calcium-chloride ice melt product by Eco-Clean Solutions

6 years ago