Grub Control

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Grubs Destroy Lawns!

One of the most pervasive pests in this region is Japanese beetles. These pests, along with other, common adult beetles, are the true source of grub issues we encounter throughout the region.

What Are Grubs?

In June, most of these beetle species are looking to lay eggs, and they prefer laying eggs in the soil. The larvae produced by these eggs begin to feed in the late summer into the early fall, and this feeding process destroys lawns.

A telltale sign of grub issues are dead spots in an otherwise healthy lawn. The grubs feed on roots, killing off grass plants and creating massive dead zones.

Grubs do their damage just beneath your lawn's surface.​​​​

Grassmasters Grub Control

You can use the handy photos here to identify grub damage. You can also confirm grubs are the problem by peeling back a small patch of lawn (an approximate square foot should suffice) and if you see six or more grubs, you've got a problem on your hands that requires corrective action.

As with most problems, they are easier to prevent than to treat. The best option is to ask Grassmasters to apply a preventative grub control product in early June, just before prime egg-laying conditions for beetles. One application of our signature grub product can prevent and control grubs for up to 4 months.

Grub damage can be catastrophic.

Our grub treatment is a once-per-season application, an insurance policy on your lawn against the catastrophic damage grubs can inflict on your property.

If grubs are already an issue, Grassmasters has products and strategies that can kill off the grubs and restore your lawn to its former glory.

Call us today to have grub preventative added to your plan, or to have us check out your lawn for grub issues. We're happy to offer you tailored advice for your lawn, your region, and your specific problems!

Let us do the dirty work and take care of these little guys for you and your family!

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